Reasons people pull their hair or pick their skin, and some conditions that promote it

When trying to understand here pulling or skin picking, people often try to figure out why those behaviors are occurring. It might be that you, as the puller, want to know what things are related to your action; it might be that you, as a family member of someone who picks, want to know why your loved one is seeming to “do this to themselves”. It’s common to make the assumption Continue reading

Is there really such a thing as “Pure O”?

In considering a diagnosis of OCD, each of the three letters of the acronym are important. Obsessions are intrusive thoughts, images, nonsense words or music that create anxiety, uncertainty or distress. Compulsions are the behaviors that people do in an attempt to relieve the distress caused by the obsessions. A person only merits the diagnosis of Disorder if Continue reading

Opening the why-box. Part 11. Counting Compulsions, Ordering and arranging compulsions

“Counting compulsions” is a category unto itself. This might include counting silently or overtly to oneself (as in “one, two, three, four,…” or “one, two, three; one, two, three;…”) while one does a task or chore. In this case, counting serves as a timekeeper to indicate how long a person has been doing a task. It might Continue reading

Opening the why-box. Part 9. Checking compulsions

Checking compulsions are often paired with harming fears, but can be paired with any kind of uncertainty.

“Checking locks, stove, appliances, etc.” includes multiple forms of checking to see if these were left on, open, or in some manner perceived as unsafe. Checking can be visual (either staring at the item, or looking multiple times), tactile (pushing the button over and over, holding down the lock firmly to make sure it’s closed, Continue reading