Hi! If you live with, or are related to, someone with OCD, hair pulling or skin picking, you’ve probably found yourself wondering “what is the best thing I can do for them?” But that might have quickly been followed by “how can I also help myself and the rest of my family?” You’re among friends here.

There are more resources than ever for people with symptoms of these problems, but relatively fewer resources for members of the family. A little understanding of these problems and their effects of family dynamics, combined with a healthy dose of humor, can make all the difference in having a relationship that fills you, rather than one that is only satisfactory.

I’m Jim Hatton, Ph.D. I began my career as a neuroscientist, and then realized my calling for helping people. I spent the next 20 years as a Marriage and Family therapist using cognitive behavioral therapy, primarily working with people with OCD and Impulse Control Disorders like Trichotillomania and Compulsive Skin Picking. Becoming very familiar with ERP and Habit Reversal skills for treating these sufferers, I saw the additional need for helping the others, both family and treating professionals, around them directly (and thereby indirectly helping the sufferers too). This is where I currently conduct my efforts.

I have run a free support group for OCD sufferers and their family members for 20 years, I speak at the International OCD Foundation and Trichotillomania Learning Center conferences, and train therapists and psychiatry residents in ERP and HRT techniques. I am currently the President of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation of Southern California, a chapter affiliate of the International OCD Foundation. I am also on the faculty of the BTTI (Behavior Therapy Training Institute) of the International OCD Foundation.

I live in San Diego with my wife Rachael and our two huskies, Anya and Zeno.

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